This tool is less popular use by the community Indonesia except by certain circles, our society prefers to wash dishes with the old ways, namely by hand directly, but by using automatic dish washing machine so many benefits, among which :

  • Save time, using the dishwasher is the time it takes to clean up dirty equipment faster when compared to washing dishes by hand directly, when all the equipment is wash with the engine so we can do other work while waiting for the machine to finish the job.
  • Water saving, water is needed to wash less equipment because the water that flowed using a pressurized spray system, so of course water be used be less.

  • more hygienic, because without our intervention, and when the equipment is cleaned or spaces connected to the outside so no contamination from the outside air.
  • Cleaner, water that has been mixed with dish washing detergent will be sprayed with a pressure resulting in the release of dirt on dirty equipment.
  • Dirt will be directly discharged or drained to the sewer.

How to use the dishwasher :

  • Open the lid dishwashers, and then put all the equipment in the racks provided in accordance with their respective places.
  • Enter special liquid dish washing soap into the space provided.
  • Insert rack into the dishwasher¬†plate. Close your washing machine.
  • Once the machine is turned on, the water will be sprayed on the inside of the machine, with the aid of a propeller, the water will be sprayed in all directions.
  • After the washing process is completed remove all the equipment of the dishwasher and keep it in a place that you have provided, such as in a kitchen set.

Tips on caring for dishwashers :

  • Check the shelf rack washers in case there is dirt, when pepper wipe with a sponge and rinse.
  • Avoid washing equipment or objects that contain oil, acid, rust, paint.
  • Do not open the lid of the dishwasher when the engine is running or used.
  • For equipment and long sharp as a knife, should laid horizontally, and the sharp facing up or down, it is useful so that the tool can clean thoroughly into every part.

Tips on choosing a dishwasher :

1. Find out the types dishwasher on the market. Portable Dishwasher, this kind of easy to be moved in accordance with the wishes because this tool can be moved place. Counter top dishwasher of this type has a small size, suitable for small-sized kitchen. Built-in dishwasher, the dishwasher is fitted with a permanent way that can not be moved.

2. Adjust the type of dishwasher with the needs of your financial situation, for example, you select the type of Counter Top Dishwasher are small so it is suitable to be placed in the tiny kitchen as your kitchen.

3. Consider the fabric Dishwasher, such as those made with stainless materials can withstand high alkali content of the water, it may be appropriate to the source of water in your home.

4. If you choose a plastic material then you will easily clean it but this type are not resistant to poor water conditions.

5. Choose size dishwasher that matches the size of your kitchen, for example for small kitchen you can choose the size of 14 “or larger to be able to use a size 18”.

Thus information about HOW TO USE AND MAINTAIN DISHWASHER, may be useful to you.

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