How to Utilize a Feng Shui Design in Your Kitchen Remodel

Feng Shui refers to the placement and organization of buildings in order to encourage a calm and peaceful environment within. The basic widespread belief surrounding this concept is that it will improve the lives of those who use it correctly in the design and decoration of their homes by bringing them health and prosperity. If these ideas inspire or, at the very least, intrigue you, your kitchen is the perfect place to start incorporating good Feng Shui. The kitchen is one of the most important areas of a home since it not only serves as the room that provides food and nourishment for your body, but also as a gathering place for friends and family. Before you begin that kitchen remodel you’ve been dreaming about, here are a few fundamentals under the Feng Shui principle that you might want to consider incorporating into your plans.


The layout of your kitchen is a critical factor to address when designing with the Feng Shui belief in mind, and it will be where you focus quite a bit of your efforts. The number one rule of thumb to think about while making your improvement plans is that a cook’s back should never be positioned towards the entryway to the kitchen. Even if you don’t have many choices of where your oven can comfortably and practically be arranged, this can be fixed by having an island with a cooktop that allows the cook to face the entrance and see who’s coming and going. In Feng Shui, you also want to keep in mind that the stove represents fire and the sink water, so any clashing elements such as these two should not be placed next to each other whenever possible.

Order and Safety

If you want to welcome good Feng Shui into your home through your kitchen remodel, you must also declutter, organize and have a safe place to put all potentially dangerous items. Cluttered counters, drawers, cupboards and even refrigerator doors invites undesirable energy into the room. It’s easy to let your junk drawer pile up with miscellaneous things, the refrigerator to get plastered with photos and kid’s drawings and the cupboards to become full of cookware and tupperware, but purging useless things or at least storing them in organized baskets or boxes is meant to help lift a weight off your shoulders. Safety is also critical to the Feng Shui concept, so make sure you include a designated place to keep your knives, don’t hang pots and pans on hooks where people might run into them and make sure cupboard doors aren’t built with sharp edges.


Decorating is probably the most enjoyable part of making upgrades to a kitchen. For a room that exudes warmth and good energy, pick out bright paint colors for the walls, use a tile pattern for your backsplash, make sure there is sufficient lighting, hang up cheerful artwork and keep live plants and/or flowers around as much as possible. You should also get rid of anything that’s broken or no longer fits in with your kitchen’s new look.

Since your kitchen is the primary source of sustenance for you and your family, creating a kitchen remodel design that complements Feng Shui practices may be just the change you need for rejuvenation and happiness.

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