Ideas for decorating the living room

Living room

Living room

Most of us spend a lot of time to beautify the look of our living room that will make our guests comfortable and relaxed. To achieve this goal, it requires more than just decoration. The first step we have to do is create a design plan. Consider the primary purpose of a living room is really – really works well alone or serve as a family room. Will it be used also for the activity of reading or playing games or watching television?

After that, then you should also think about the choice of furniture according to activity and function of the room. If you want to put a table, the model looks like, big or small size? Are you going to put the cabinet for television, books, accessories? What type of sofa that fits and feels comfortable with the room.

In addition to a detailed plan, you might as well start looking for a reference to the idea of preparing a suitable design. Look at the photo on the interior magazines, to pay attention to the choice of colors, decorative elements such as fabric, art. One of the advantages that you can get to for inspiration is that it can easily know what is the style trends of interior designers today, but do not forget that the best design is something that really fit with your personal character. The point is do not just aspire to have a well-designed room, but the room should also be fun and comfortable for the whole family.

In the opinion of an interior designer, best color for your living room is bright and neutral colors. Once the walls and floors neutral color, it would be easier for us to integrate furniture, curtains, accessories, lighting and more with more varied colors and textures. Paint the sky – the sky with a lighter color than the wall color to cause feelings of vastness. Choose a darker color to evoke a sense more comfortable.

Consider the size and type of room and the look you want when buying furniture. If you have a small room, do not put too much furniture. But if you have a large room, you can divide it into two or three seating areas. Do not place a sofa or chair with a distance too far away so you do not have to shout when they wanted to have a conversation. The location of the placement of furniture should not impede the access road through the doors or windows.

You can also set the location of furniture in the room to one or more of the focal point, depending on the size of the room. If the room is small, the main focal point is enough, may manifest a favorite painting, mural on the wall or other art collection. Placing mirrors can also make the living room look more beautiful. I hope this information is useful for you to beautify your home.

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