Improving on the Craft Room: The Hobby Loft

Many people have lofts in their homes and have no idea what to do with them. Usually, these spaces are used for storage, or possibly to create an additional bedroom, but otherwise serve no purpose in increasing the enjoyment of the home. That is an incredible shame, since lofts are really versatile spaces and can be adapted to a whole range of different purposes, not least of which is turning one into your new hobby room.

Lofts are rooms that are located directly under the roof of a home. They are usually “open air,” meaning that they look out on the floor below them, often with a bannister or loft ladders for safety, though that isn’t always the case. Because they are generally high up and somewhat separate from the rest of the house, they make an excellent location to pursue crafts and projects that may be irritating closer to the regular residents, like glass making, leather working, or especially anything that creates distinctive scents, since they will rise toward the ceiling — which you are closest to — and not bother people on the floors below.

Another hobby that lofts are ideally suited for is video gaming. The design of most lofts makes setting up a high powered gaming system pretty easy, with plenty of room for large TVs, couches or specialty gaming chairs, console systems with accessories, and perhaps even space to play motion control games like dancing simulators or exercise games. Similarly, a loft is a perfect room for a high powered computer setup, where a desk, multiple monitors, and specialty components can be arranged, wires easily run through the relatively close ceiling, and lighting easily controlled.

The separate nature of a loft from the house is not just a nod toward the comfort of other people in the home, it’s also a boon to your own well being and creative spirit. The act of separating yourself from the rest of the world into a specially created space helps to put you in a head space to truly enjoy your hobby. Psychologically, physically walking away from everything helps the mind to let go of the troubles of the world and take full pleasure in whatever your hobby is. Lofts are like another planet to the brain, one where the only problems are how to best spin thread, display comic books, or restore artwork.

Lofts are often unfinished rooms, which actually works in their advantage for some hobbies. If your pastime causes particular messes or is difficult to clean, then the unfinished nature of several lofts as compared with the rest of the house can be really helpful. If, for example, you enjoy woodworking, it’s a lot easier to sweep up sawdust than it is to try and vacuum it out of carpet. Similarly, if you are into painting or sculpture, then the potential to ruin flooring is much higher with carpeting than with wooden floorboards. Placing a dartboard for an old school game room might be great anywhere, but an unfinished loft makes mis-throws that land in the wall less of an issue than it would be in the living room or a bedroom.

There are a lot of reasons why your hobby would be better suited to a loft than any other room in the house. Whatever it is that you love to do, your loft can be made perfect for it.

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