Insect and pest plants in the garden



Plants in the garden at home can grow into a beautiful, but it is not uncommon to grow to be faded, damaged by infected insects and crop pests. Worse are several types of insects and pests on crops, not so easy to know just before actually making the park becomes damaged.

When you buy plants, always make sure that there are no pests or insects on the plants. By always take precautions will greatly reduce the chances of insects attacking your plants. Some insects can also get into the house through the windows, doors and even through the air. Keep in mind that insects and pests are always looking for a warm place by the time the cold weather because the insects will get into the house.

On a small scale, crop insects can still be controlled easily. One type of insect that often interfere with the plant is aphids. Aphids can be eradicated with pesticides and insecticide soaps. Insect and plant pests such as mites, white flies, spiders and some other insects.

Common symptoms of damage by pests and insects that vary, such as aphids that suck sap from the plant, the leaves of cotton – like substances in plants and also leaves the substance of honey dew that attracts ants, mites suck sap from plants, whiteflies are often attached to the back of the leaf and suck sap from the leaves.

Signs of insect and plant pests on your home includes the leaves change color to yellow or brown, wither and the plant stops growing, jagged little holes start to appear on the leaves.

If you see that the plants in your home starts are infected with insects or disease, you should take appropriate action to eliminate the problem, consult with your local nursery, buy pesticides that do not harm the plant. Always be sure to choose the right pesticide for your plants, because spraying with pesticides which one will actually make the insects and pests resistant to pesticides.

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