Kitchen Plated Stainless Steel

beauty kitchen

beauty kitchen

Stainless steel has become one of the favorite material. Almost every modern home applying this shiny material. Resistance to weather, strong, corrosion, and termite and not prone scalded and oil, into superiority.

The use of stainless steel in the home can be all sorts. Used as furnishings and furniture, upholstery also building elements. The kitchen is the room that most apply. Especially as the material on the kitchen set. With the use of stainless steel and the right application, the display space so it looks luxurious.

Almost all elements of kitchen sets using stainless steel. Even the accessories also come from a metal material that has a reflective effect. Other materials are also shiny, like a mirror back panel. As a result of this kitchen looks so “shiny”.

Kitchen set design shaped “L” with the cabinet only at the longest arm. On top of the cabinet under the arms are short window with three openings. If the window is open and the bright sun, a bright room. During the day do not need no lights. In the evening, proper lighting will produce a stunning light effects. Luxury!

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