Layout of lighting and decorative lighting in the dining room

Dining room

Dining room

Lighting in the dining room will affect the mood and atmosphere created at the time of feeding activity, and therefore consider the choice of lighting and decorative lighting right at the dinner table becomes an essential element that the atmosphere and mood in the dining room can be formed in accordance with the design style and themes you want.

If you want an intimate atmosphere, warm and casual, you can choose to put the light with less power so the light was dim. However, if you prefer creating a bit dramatic, the formal election of the use of chandeliers and lamps wall lamp will feel more fit.

Here are some simple tips that you can apply to make it easier when they want to choose and determine what types of decorative lamps and lighting suitable for your dining room is.

1. If you want to use a hanging lamp (chandelier lamp) should be installed at least 30 inches above the surface of the table, so that the interaction between the guests at the dinner table will not be disturbed simply because the location of the installation of the lights are too low. You can choose various styles of chandeliers ranging from small bulb shape, candle shape and form crystals, which are more suitable match the style of your interior design.

2. Put a few accent lights on the walls around the dining table that will add a dramatic effect to the room decor and make guests feel more comfortable.

3. Hang some pendant lights over the dining table can also be an alternative option if you do not use a chandelier models. Unlike the models of chandeliers, pendant lights can be arranged parallel to hang on your dining table.

4. As an element of decorating the dining room percantikan than the use of decorative lights, you can also put some wax right in the middle of the dining table. Proper placement candles on the dining table dining table will add to the atmosphere becomes more warm and romantic.

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