Magic Home Appliance Looks Expensive and Elegant



Who would not want to have comfortable and looks elegant home? Unfortunately, it has Such homes typically cost a bit.

Catalogs and photographs of home decor magazines generally use furniture with prices exorbitant. However, you can “cheat” the furniture that you have and make it seem more expensive and elegant. Here are some ways to make your home furnishings “suddenly looks expensive:

Give a leg for sofa
Although it may sound strange, gives legs to effectively turns your sofa make the sofa appear more authentic. Legs for sofas is not shaped long. only a few
centimeter is enough. This applies also to showcase the driveway You, ottoman sofa, sideboard and china cabinet.
Replace devices in your home “Cheap goods” are usually easily identifiable from the type of material. One of the materials making stuff look “cheap” is plastic. To that end, replace the drawer opening and cabinets in your home with ceramic or chrome.

Give character
Pay attention to the bookshelves of your particle board. Add wallpaper section
interior to give character to your bookcase. In addition, makeĀ  antique furniture You look well maintained paint again.
Replace materials couch and give “tuff” One quick way to make a sofa look more expensive is to replace the sofa material with printed fabric, as well as provide a “tuff” or bubbles. with the addition of This, you will get a stylish sofa as in expensive catalogs.

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