Make sure your bedroom ensure a sense of security



In the science of Feng Shui your bedroom has a significant influence on the way you sleep, and it is very significant in maintaining the health, happiness and the factors affecting your wealth. Not just one element that must be considered to achieve a life of abundance both material and non-material in your life. You must consider everything including how you recover and take care of yourself.

Your bed should be comfortable and should also be energy flowing throughout the room. Do not place anything on the bottom of your bed, so that any energy has a circulation more smoothly.

Wall paint color choices in the bedroom should also be light-colored, according to the energy generated for you to rest quietly. Do not choose a paint color red, because red is the color that the psychological boost of energy and will actually result in less you can rest easy.

Fresh air should always flow smoothly in the room. If you happen to live in an apartment and it’s hard to get good air circulation, you should buy a fan that is placed on the window of your room to get a better air circulation.

Do not forget to select the fan that not only produce high winds, but choose a fan that also has a low sound, so it does not disturb your break. Fans who have low noise levels as well as Feng Shui would be better to drain the energy facilities in the room you sleep. If you choose a ceiling fan, do not place position just above your bed.

Place the position of the mirror in the bedroom do not directly deal with your bed, because it will disturb your tranquility at rest. Do not also put a mirror right behind your bed, or on the side of your bed. As per the ancient Chinese belief that the soul leaves the body when they are asleep so it will make us shocked and scared when he saw the mirror, this spirit it will be back into the body during the night, which ended up disturbing the peace of the rest.

The Chinese also believe that white blanket unhealthy because it is similar to the color of a shroud. There is a saying in Feng Shui that says that when you sleep with your feet facing the door, will never make you feel comfortable and at home to stay at home. The existence of wooden beams in the ceiling ceiling in this room also disrupt the flow of energy.

In addition to disrupting the flow of energy in the room, it will also affect the financial problems. Therefore, as far as possible the existence of these wooden beams covered with boards or plywood. Likewise, wood beams in the corner of the room, as far as possible should also be camouflaged. Greenery lay it beside the wooden beam angle so that helps ward off the negative energy that arise from the presence of the beam in your bedroom.

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