Make Water Infiltration Area at Home

catchment area

catchment area

Muddy, stagnant water to flood began to haunt the area around our house during the rainy season arrives. That’s when we begin to clean up puddles in the yard reduces the processing water catchment area in the park that should have been planned from the beginning before the rainy season arrives.

Terms leaves 30% of the land for catchment area should begin to run when we want to live peacefully in the rainy season without having to mess around with puddles and muddy condition of the house. Although leaving only 30% of the land area for recharge area, but its existence needs to be managed properly.

Make Infiltration Area Home

Catchment area should not be covered in the material that inhibits the seep water. Generally, the catchment area is widely used as home gardens and lush variety of plant types. Unfortunately, the catchment area is often covered with pavement by reason of utilizing vacant land. Catchment area is usually enabled for carport and sitting area. Maximizing the infiltration becomes more functional area is fine, but it should still give priority to its original function.

Carport and sitting area in the garden mostly given pavement on the floor, thus inhibiting its function as recharge areas. Necessary measures in order to function and needs wise balance. In order catchment area can be used as needed, pavement catchment area may use materials that have a high water absorption. When exposed to large amounts of water, the water is quickly absorbed directly into the ground.

One material that is friendly enough for the catchment area is to provide paving block, grass block, and a sprinkling of natural stone. To the maximum, installation of block paving is slanted like the back of a turtle, a minimum of 1% so that the water can flow.

Paving blocks have a variety of shapes, such as squares, rectangles, triangles, octagonal, and others are suitable for residential and public buildings. In addition to having a variety of shapes, block paving is available in a choice of attractive colors, can also be made in a beautiful pattern, for example a straight pattern, rectangles, squares, circles and curved lines.

Choice of shapes and colors will give you an idea as a model mosaic designs that are suitable for home entrance, carport and a playground, as well as to areas in the yard and around the swimming pool.

Paving blocks suitable applied in the tropics because it is not easy to heat, thus giving the impression of softer than asphalt and concrete. Paving block feels more integrated with the trees so the garden was more beautiful and harmonious.

Besides paving block, grass block can also be used. The form has a hole for the land and land covered with grass so that less pavement. Grass block for parking areas that are not overgrown plant. Grass block is also more environmentally friendly than paving blocks and can absorb water properly, is also efficient for homes with limited space that allows to create a pavement as well as green areas. If you want to look natural, can also be sown a natural stone such as coral rock around the catchment area.

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