Mirror to beautify your bathroom



The existence of a mirror in the bathroom to complement any décor, ranging from the merely adorn the corners so that it becomes less attractive the more impressive area up to create the impression of space that you want.

Mirror design style was now more diverse ranging from simple and contemporary, classical to modern. A mirror can also create the impression of softness or even create a luxurious atmosphere. With a variety of shapes and textures, and quality.

The proportion of space and size dressers will also determine the dimensions of the mirrors used. Mirror on the dressing table should not exceed the length of the dresser itself because it will cause an “imbalance” that could worsen the overall room decor.

Large size mirror will create the impression of a larger space and produce better lighting because it can also serve as a reflector of the lighting of the room and will make the room brighter.

One thing to remember is when determining the location of the placement of a mirror, look at the reflection of what would cause the mirror to light including existing.

Be sure to put a mirror perpendicular to the side of the room that is not too full of accessories or furniture, not to mirror reflects excessive accessories because if so it would give the impression the room is cluttered and cramped….

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