Mistakes Do in Bath

Kesalahan Yang Dilakukan di Kamar Mandi

Having previously discussed “Caring for Bathroom”, this time the admin will discuss about some of the mistakes made by someone in the bathroom and how to handle it, as shown below.

1. Put the toothbrush is too close to the toilet

Has observed that, the minimum distance between the toilet brush was 1.8 meters. Because every time the toilet flushed, aerosol particles will float on the toilet as far as 1.8 meters. And when these particles on the toothbrush, the aerosol particles from going to the toilet brush.

How to handle it, close it before in-flush toilets and wash or replace your toothbrush regularly. Using a toothbrush cover will only make the brush become damp, causing the proliferation of microorganisms.

2. Wearing a wet towel many times

The most preferred place is a place that bacteria love damp and wet bleak as in the towel, especially when its use many times and in the long term.

More dangerous if you have an open wound, because you could infect yourself with any existing bacteria in the towel.

As a solution suggest that everyone wears new towels once every week.

3. Keep a loofah too long

A study found that infection-causing bacteria such as P. aeruginosa thrives loofah 24 hours after first use.

Loofah is a kind of sponge with the rough texture of the shower puff. Reveals that, although made of natural materials, loofah should only be used for 3-4 weeks. Shower synthetic puff even more resistant to bacteria, although Dr Toome suggested this should be replaced every 8 weeks.

4. Lack of long washing hands

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of contagious infections. But most of us do it the wrong way. According to the CDC.

5. Curtains bathroom too long

CurtainsĀ use in the bathroom might not commonly used in the bathroom, but for those of you who have used it should consider the following.

To prevent water splashing out of the bathroom normally people will wear long curtain bathroom and touch the floor, should it be avoided because curtainĀ tip touching the floor will become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Prevention: trim the bottom few inches of the bathroom floor, and the two sides in order to cover the bathtub perfectly.

6. Do not wear footwear

The bathroom floors are very susceptible to the bacteria so much as one of the places in the bathroom most often affected than the damp walls.

To prevent the spread of bacteria to the leg, then wear footwear rubber flip-flops, in addition to the diligent cleaning the bathroom floor with a brush.

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