Model Modern Home with Swimming Pool on Roof

Model Rumah Modern dengan Kolam Renang di Atap

This modern house is located right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean so one suitable architecture is to create a pool. But the swimming pool in the house is very unique, different from the pool on most home that we often see, which is located on the roof.

With modern architecture makes this pool appear like a puddle of sea water in the middle of the surrounding coastline, and is equipped with access via stairs, bright skylights and windows that connect with the interior which is right underneath. The house is also called the house without limits, which has a view across the horizon with no limits, even when the evening when the sun goes down.

The position of this house is in a location that connects two continents, such as a barrier through which ships crossing the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and vice versa.

In terms of color, this house was built with the same color as the composition of rocks and sand, thus giving the impression of an inseparable unity. The roof could serve as the main living room while at the bottom there are two floors which have been incorporated into the solid rock at the back. Both the interior of this building can be a private area families.

Building this house when viewed shaped like a large and deep box. There are depths that even dug into the rock. The entrance to the house is via a ladder on the roof. To give the impression of a more cheerful in this house, porch stretches along the entrance wall that separates it from the street on the waterfront. Two sidewalls protect the roof from the sea breeze.

From inside the house, light vents provide natural light, as well as windowed wall. Floor level contains a living room, kitchen and dining room and terrace for relaxing or dining with the family. Home interior is quite spacious, allowing a panoramic view to be the focal point of the house. The main level patio can be closed to provide protection from sun and rain, but the roof deck completely open for sunny days.

The lower level has 6 bedrooms, each with its own advantages. 3 bedrooms are located on either side that leads directly to the beach equipped with stairs connecting this level to the upper level. All windows are positioned symmetrically on the sides of the house, although the window smaller bedroom is above. The design of this house is based on a traditional design houses mostly made of stone.

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