Modern Stage Design House

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Houses on stilts, maybe this is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the design of this house. At first, this house was designed by the design stage to prevent flooding. However, the final outcome of this house can be an amazing inspiration from the unique residential architecture.

Stairs on the left front leads to the living room area before continuing on to the roof deck.

The dining room was surrounded by. All the rooms in the house were prepared using an innovative structural system associated with the flow of sunlight and air circulation.

In the dining room, creating a visual connection with the selection of a quiet environment the use of appropriate materials and colors to enhance the quality of the design. three sides open wall with superb views. The interior decor of this home added beauty room.

There is a relationship between the dining room and family room. Here, some furniture are in place such as a built-in refrigerator that is on the bump out the exterior wall and a little hidden, while a stove, a sink and a preparation is above all the strategic long table. Glass panels provide a direct connection to the outside.

Area is conveniently located in the empty area between the three main hall, facing the side of the property and displaying a darker color theme, with wooden wall panels.
In the back of the house there is a private area, including work space. While a place to learn and work, also has a sliding glass wall that allows for easy access to the outside for a breath of fresh air, natural sunlight and of course, the stunning scenery.

The bathroom is between the office and the bedroom that has an organic and natural design.

At a basic level, made extensive multifunctional area and divided into a garage and outdoor storage space. Thereby increasing the storage space in the house if it is full.

Pole construction built as a basic field and become an integral part of the overall design. These poles are placed in strategic areas with careful calculation so as to hold the entire load of the house and its contents.

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