Most Common Plumbing Issues of the Home

The plumbing system of the home is one in which we rely on every single day. We all must have fresh water in the home to be able to do a number of actions including bathing, cooking and washing. The plumbing system provides us with the water we need to do such activities.

However, many times the plumbing system in the home will break down and cause a break in your daily activities. It is important to keep the plumbing system of the home in excellent condition to allow for daily operations of the home. Below are common plumbing issues that can occur in the home.

Dripping Fixtures

Every bathroom and kitchen have fixtures and faucets that allow for water to come through for usage. We use the faucets every day to brush our teeth, wash dishes and so much more! A drip in the faucet can be annoyance and a sign of an issue. The washer of the faucet can wear away and need to be replaced. After replacing the washer, be sure to turn the water on and off easily without force to keep the washer from wearing away quickly.

Drain Clogging

Another common problem is with drain clogging. This can happen with placing the wrong items down the drain. In the bathroom this can be hair or dirt while in the kitchen, this can be food and other items. It is important to place the right items down the drain. If your drain does become clogged, you will need to use certain tools and tactics to remove the clog. A plunger can be used as well as drain cleaner to remove the clog and get the drain back to normal.

Running/Leaking Toilets

Another common toilet issue is a running or leaking toilet. When a toilet is running, it will have a noise of running water. This happens after the toilet has been flushed and can run constantly. The toilet can usually be fixed of this issue by checking the tank and making sure the water refills. With leaking, you will see water coming from the toilet when it shouldn’t be. This can be a major issue and one that can require a plumber.

Garbage Disposal Issues

The garbage disposal of the home is another area in which can cause major plumbing issues. This issue can be messy as well as annoying. You want to be sure that the right materials are placed down the drain and nothing else. If you have a malfunction, turn off the power and check the drain trap. If you do not feel comfortable working on the garbage disposal, you will need to contact a professional for assistance.

Regular plumbing service and inspections will ensure that your plumbing system is ready to function normally. Contact a local provider today to have your system inspected for any issues or problems.

Mark Easton is an avid blogger who was formerly employed as a plumber. He understands the need for proper plumbing servicing and has found that Plumbing Dynamics is a great option for home plumbing services.

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