New Cabinets In The Home

Looking at the same boring cabinets in the home is usually a sign that you need custom cabinets st louis companies offer. You can come up with your own design or look through the many designs that custom companies have already come up with. There are a few popular designs if you’re looking for something modern and trendy but that you can still make your own.

A Shaker design is one that is a little plain, but it has an open surface so that you can add any kind of hardware that you want. Simple and clean lines are used when the cabinets are made, giving you an elegant look in the home with as little effort in maintaining the cabinets as possible. The cabinets can be made in large panels so that they are easy to install. This is a design that is ideal for almost any budget and any kind of home.

If you’re looking for a contemporary design, then consider horizontal slats. These look almost like the wooden window shades that you would get. You can often get them in any color, but the hardware that you attach to the front of this kind of cabinet should blend with the overall design. Knobs just don’t work with wooden slats that have a horizontal appearance. This kind of cabinet can be customized with pulls that make them easy to open and close by moving the door up and down instead of opening it out.

A flat cabinet is one that offers a contemporary and stylish look to the home, especially in the kitchen. There are numerous colors to choose from with beige or white being popular color selections. You could use almost any kind of hardware, but a slender rectangle often works best with this design. Personalize the cabinets by creating a roll-out function. This will allow you to easily store more items in the cabinet since you have the rolled out area instead of a simple shelf or two. Flat doors can come in laminate or wood depending on how much money you have to spend on the cabinets.

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