Outdoor Sensation with glass-walled room

 glass in the corner

glass in the corner

Creating glass in the corner of your home can be an exciting inspiration in the feel of outdoors. As an inspiration to the corner of the Common People’s Eatery & Bar.

Tendrils of vines hanging in the corner looking glass room wall. A little shade will give you an idea when this plant tendrils began shady and touched every corner of the glass wall. Yes, this angle is made to provide natural feel to the room. Sensation as if being in the greenhouse, together with family was so fun.

Glass used is tempered glass that you normally find application also on the floor. What distinguishes it is the thickness of the glass. The thickness tailored to the needs. Tempered glass be selected because it has a high resistance to impact and heat when compared to ordinary float glass. With a thickness similar to ordinary glass, tempered 3-5x more powerful making it safer for you and your family. While on the frame, you can use hollow steel black.

The combination of hollow steel with black glass walls and leather couches give the feel of European Industrial Vintage interesting is not it? Interested?

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