Renaissance-style interior decorating ideas

renaissance style

renaissance style

Accessories are a rich, luxurious fabric and memorable collection of art objects such as works of DaVinci and Raphael can bring back the era of the Renaissance interior decoration as it is known. When the process of looking for inspiration, do not ever forget the idea of ??the early 14th century to 15 late in Italy, France and the UK that can help you combine style Renaissance style in any room of your interior.

There are several important elements in the Renaissance style that you can develop on your residence, including:

Color and Texture

Color – the color that is prevalent in the Renaissance can be found in the works of art such as paintings. If we look at works of art, many visual appearance and texture of the fabric used. Rich velvet motifs, shimmering silk and are all used for wall coverings and curtains and clothes.

Elements of gemstone colors and warm colors of elements seen in all aspects of carpet, fabric, upholstery, bedding and carpeting. The same style can be applied today in many ways. Choose paint colors that tend to be strong earth characters to color the walls and windows, door frames and windows coated with a thin gauze curtains and velvet curtains shimmering.

Use textured wallpaper can also be selected as an alternative material when it comes to interior decorating this. Use accent pillows made of silk or velvet to complement the dark furniture. Concentrate on the color and texture of every element of your interior accessories, the style of the Renaissance will return on your residential feel.

Furniture accessories

Heavy furniture as well as furniture tends to wear dark colored skin materials. Furniture more selected from the uniqueness of his style as a work of art than a functional in terms of consideration. Carvings and sculptures that adorn the leg elements into tables and chairs, the doors and windows.


As the amplifier Renaissance-style interior decor accents, can be selected gold and silver. Placement of large urns and statues on the perimeter of the room. Golden curtain tassel, using material from the skin of the furniture and accessories, such as lamp shades will also enrich the design in your home.

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