Seductive red

red kitchen

red kitchen

Cabinet designs on the red rectangle and a surplus kitchen. Red combined with black on the top table and the back panel, as well as trim cabinet.

The kitchen measuring 3.5 M x 3,   5m is tempting because of the color of her kitchen set a bold, bright red. The red color is applied to the upper and lower cabinet that combined with black on the top table and the back panel. Lis at the top of the cabinet was black, to dampen the red is too dominant.

Red and black so it is not so dark as the room a neutral color. Ceiling, walls and window sills painted white, while the beige tile.

Kitchen set design fields straight from the multiplex material layered red takon. Top table and the back panel is made of fiber laminate connect black. The design is shaped “L” appears not monotonous because the cabinet is made separately. One part is separated windows, the other by cookerhood.

The Cabinet is also made up of high, measuring 42cmx55cmx106cm, to touch the ceiling. Two cabinet ata high that it makes a rectangle and storage functions. While the cabinet size 62cmx175cmx69cm given legs. The support is made of iron 12cm tall slender but sturdy.

Kitchen with red kitchen set is attractive and eye catching. Therefore, the kitchen has become a family favorite room.

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