Selection of a suitable wallpaper for masculine impression in the bedroom



If by chance you are currently doing interior decorating for a teenager’s bedroom or a guy you want to create a room to be a bit feminine, so it’s good wallpaper selection following tips apply primarily to the walls of your room (and then accessories or other elements that follow).

1. Use the theme of Sports

Themes tend to be synonymous with the sport and the impression of masculinity today has many variations of sports themed wallpaper images are not only tangible but sporting equipment can be landscapes and geometric shapes.

2. Travel Themes

Theme feels very masculine way, for example, pictures of traditional sailing ships, building pre-history. Traveling theme as this would make interior decorating a room or reading room work to be more masculine.

3. Trees theme

A wall paper with trees or jungle theme is suitable for use in the bedroom guy. With the tree line shape is irregular, but firm and contrasting colors will make a room no longer feels too cold.

Once you make a selection that suits the theme wallpaper decorated rooms, you can reinforce masculine impression in the room by presenting accessory options to suit your theme choice.

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