Selection of Ceramic Bathroom



The selection of bathroom tiles on a home must meet the aesthetic and functional requirements. Functional terms, it is advisable to choose a quality product. In this case, high quality ceramics have advantages in terms of strength, durability and ease of maintenance (“a very important aspect, especially in rooms that require more frequent maintenance of cleanliness”) as at bathroom .Cost per square meter for quality ceramics are higher than ordinary ceramic, but in the long run, it will have a direct impact on cost savings due to the use of age-quality ceramic is much longer than the usual quality ceramics.

In terms of aesthetics, ceramic manufacturers in the market offers a wide array of countless options to taste every homeowner. The current trend towards minimalist and ceramic on ceramic patterned, many also offer ceramic pattern matt-gloss effects, and is available in a neutral color or ivory, gray and beige. Sometimes – sometimes we prefer to choose a pattern for what it is simply because we do not know what choices there are in the field. You can find ideas on the internet, doing consulting directly to the dealer. Do not also think that the traditional patterned ceramics was outdated due to the mix and the right concept, the selection of traditional ceramics (such as wood motif, cement, textile or leather and rock textures) will get a stunning home design style.


Tile size in recent years has grown and more and more diverse choices. Ceramics with a size of 20 x 20 now almost rare in demand, due to the emergence of a wide selection of sizes ranging from rectangular, size 45 x 45, 30 x 60. There is a trend of homeowners and interior designers to show colors and patterns on the floor and wall tiles with the same size and motif also greatly affect the appearance of the ceramic variety of manufacturers. Even the selection of ceramic trend with the large size of the narrow room (like a bathroom, family room) was very influential in the aesthetic to create the impression of a larger room.


In the installation of ceramic applications in the home, it is safest to use the services of experts. Installation techniques are very popular in the last a couple of years this is the type of orthogonal (by removing the mounting technique diagonal type). This type of installation is orthogonal to the parallel arrangement of tiles with the walls of the room. Ceramic minimalist style will be an attraction in a room and have a visual impression of more comfortable to the eyes if installed with grout spacing 2mm thickness, with a mix of colors that match the color of choice in floor tiles.
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