Some general guidelines for security and safety in your home


Everyone is always looking for ways to make our homes safe and healthy, as well as the safety instructions completely. Here are some hints of the most recommended for the safety of your family members at home. Make a list of instructions and the instructions do for peace and security together in your home.


The main clue home security:

1. Put the drugs on top, away from the reach of children. Do not rely on the safety cap only, do not forget the rest of the drug in the table in the bedroom or in your bag.

2. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on each floor of your home, check the expiration date and make sure you know how to use it.

3. Check the cable connections and make sure the electrical connections do not exceed the recommended power. Also, the cable which decomposes and easily tripped, more secure by attaching the cable on the side or the other way safer.

4. Detector / gauges smoke and carbon monoxide should be tested to make sure it can work. One easy way to keep the battery is not easily broken, the battery can be replaced during the seasons change / change in time.

5. Make sure the top of the window of your home is always locked so that children can not fall out, if you want to open up a little, take a stick to prop up so that the window can be opened slightly, but not to make your child falling out.

6. Practice ways to cope with emergencies such as fires or earthquakes in your home. Make a plan at least two ways to get out / leave room in your home, and make sure that all your family members at home to understand and know. Arrange for help younger or anyone who can not walk alone.

7. Never leave a baby alone in the bath, even for a single minute.

8. If you have the space heaters, make sure it has sufficient clearance to prevent fires, 90 cm or more is highly recommended.

9. If you have a fireplace, make sure the chimney is open when you light the fire and leave it open until the ashes to cool down to prevent toxic gases from building your home. Make sure there is no buildup or other blockage in the chimney.

10. Make sure the number for poison control center or nearest hospital is recorded where family members can easily find it, and let your family members to call the phone number in case of emergency when in need of medical assistance.

11. Do not leave your child in the car park when you go into the store, even for a single minute. The car can heat up more quickly than you think, even in cool weather though, something like this is really not safe.

Hopefully the above information can be useful to you in maintaining the security and safety of your family.

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