Some suggestions tidied the room during holidays

tidy room

tidy room

Solid work hours often make it difficult to have time to tidy up the room . Holidays are right up the house at the same time redecorating . Here are tips for tidying up the room during the holidays .

1 . provide Shelves
If you have a lot of books that fall apart in a corner or side of the room should provide a special shelf to store it. Rack will make the room look neater and wider than ever before . Shelves are also useful for storing other items like notepads , stationery , until little trinkets .

2 . provide Basket
Do not forget to provide baskets to put a small towel or clothing to be worn again . Basket making the room look neater . Choose a wicker basket of materials or wood if you want to look classic .

3 . provide Jar
Some women like to put food in his room . Rather than put the packaging , you should go to the food then put in jars . Arrange jars containing food at the bedside . But remember , to avoid providing too many jars that will make you want to continue to fill the jar so that the intake is not well controlled .

4 . Take advantage Wardrobe By Maximum
Sometimes , the wardrobe is not fully utilized so many clothes that are still left outside . Not only that, the space in the closet that should still fit into unused stuff because they do not pay attention to the arrangement . For that , you should take advantage of to the fullest wardrobe . If there is still space for such a small drawer to store other items such as handkerchiefs , socks , and underwear .

5 . Place the box in each room
Put an empty box in each room . Box is useful for temporarily storing stuff left on the floor , especially when it already has a child . For example , children bring toys to the living room and then put it away. When there are guests , you can immediately insert the toy into the box so it does not look messy .

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