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House Repainting for Better Look

Sometimes we need to give our home a fresh look so we need to repaint all sections with the right colors. Indeed choosing colors can be quite tough for anyone who isn’t experienced with it. We can’t definitely paint our home wall with brown or grey or other dark colors when we have a small […]

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Tips on creating a stylish interior design retro 70s

Relive the 1970’s with a bright interior design style that reflects elements and dynamic lifestyle, passion and fun in the era of design that year. Bright colors are key design style in the 1970s when the era of the 1960s and more dominant with flowers and attractive patterns. Furniture such as chairs and sofas using […]

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Tropical-style home interior

If by chance you and your family residence location is currently on a hook or land in the lowlands, tropical-style home ideas to further add value to the beauty in your home. Tropical style interior decorating ideas can be raised in some parts of the residence, among others: 1. The color palette Tropical-style decor tends […]

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