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Motif Wallpaper Wall Model Family Room

The family room is a room that is quite important in the house, because the family room has a function as a space gathering with family, the rooms were usually located in the middle of the room in the house is usually also used to entertain guests who have proximity, such as family or close […]

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Avoid mistakes in managing the family room

Often homeowners do some mistakes in designing or setting up this room so make the family room that is often used these look boring. You have to know the things that need to be avoided from the fatal mistakes in managing the family room as well as the mistakes as much detail as possible so […]

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Creating workspace in your home

Working without passing through the bottleneck , without having to get up in the morning and come home at night is the dream of all people . This can make it work and make work in our own homes . To be able to work comfortably , then it most be aware of is the […]

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Wardrobe Function Developments

The wardrobe has been around since the beginning of the 19th century, when the house was built with a small wardrobe, usually smaller than a door in the room. In 1950, sliding door wardrobe is introduced, and a wardrobe that can be entered first appeared about a decade later. Larger wardrobe became more variable in […]

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Ideas for decorating the living room

Most of us spend a lot of time to beautify the look of our living room that will make our guests comfortable and relaxed. To achieve this goal, it requires more than just decoration. The first step we have to do is create a design plan. Consider the primary purpose of a living room is […]

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