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How to Utilize a Feng Shui Design in Your Kitchen Remodel

Feng Shui refers to the placement and organization of buildings in order to encourage a calm and peaceful environment within. The basic widespread belief surrounding this concept is that it will improve the lives of those who use it correctly in the design and decoration of their homes by bringing them health and prosperity. If […]

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Arranging bedroom according to Feng Shui

  If you have good chi in the bed, it will give great pleasure to all that you do. Chi well, especially important in the master bedroom, to ward off intruders energy in that place, which can bring marital problems. Feng shui bedroom that has a significant influence on the happiness of marriage partner, also […]

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Aquarium placement in the home

Feng shui experts suggest to place many aquariums in the house because it is believed to bring wealth luck and health . In addition, the aquarium inside the house , the room will look more beautiful and attractive . In feng shui , there are five known elements and one of them is water . […]

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Feng shui for your kitchen

Application of the science of Feng Shui in your home other than relating to the harmonization of the room will also affect the comfort level of occupancy , a room worthy of attention is the kitchen because it will automatically be associated with the selection of appropriate materials for this room . Consideration of the […]

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Make sure your bedroom ensure a sense of security

In the science of Feng Shui your bedroom has a significant influence on the way you sleep, and it is very significant in maintaining the health, happiness and the factors affecting your wealth. Not just one element that must be considered to achieve a life of abundance both material and non-material in your life. You […]

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