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Modern Asian home in Bangkok Thailand

Asian home design series trendy, Here is a trendy design small house in Yen Akat Road Bangkok Krung Thep Thailand port national capital, is the project name “YAK01 House”. It consists Of 560 sq.m private land and five hundred square meters of internal space can be used, fifty percent of the land is open space […]

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Improving Quality Homes Being Healthy and Comfortable

Having a quality home with a healthy and comfortable living conditions is a dream of every homeowner. Often the process of making homes are not just designing, manufacturing, and occupied it alone. Changes and adjustments will always be there. A healthy home is a house with good air circulation, free from pests and diseases, made from […]

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Practical Ways to Organize Kitchen Home

Is your home kitchen already starting to look dull and boring? Here it is a practical way to organize the kitchen without having to spend more money. To make the kitchen a fresh look and a new back turned out not to be in need of a budget that is too much. Simply by donating […]

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Ways to Take Care of Your Ideal Home

The house needs to be treated as it is considered to express the soul owner. Starting from the interior of the house and some parts of the house such as the yard, the living room, the floor and the walls, even the bathroom, there clearly defined the nature of its inhabitants, whether they are diligent […]

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How to Fix Water Channels The Clogged Naturally

One of the things that makes trouble at home is the blockage of waterways, whether it drains from the bathroom or the kitchen sink and sink. The channel is usually clogged by some types of waste, including the former soap and leftover food. Here are three types of simple cleaning can be done to expedite […]

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Mistakes Do in Bath

Having previously discussed “Caring for Bathroom”, this time the admin will discuss about some of the mistakes made by someone in the bathroom and how to handle it, as shown below. 1. Put the toothbrush is too close to the toilet Has observed that, the minimum distance between the toilet brush was 1.8 meters. Because […]

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