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Keep Our Home Stylish with the Right Doors

Door is not only the entrance to get into our home or rooms. With the right placement and design, a door can significantly add the beauty of our home. However, to do so we need to be sure choosing the stylish door with design and colors that match perfectly with the existing home design. Today […]

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Swimming pool designs for minimalist home

If we stay in the elite residential lot which makes the pool as one of the amenities of home. Making the pool would have the value of the house itself, luxurious impression will appear on the home that has a swimming pool. Of course all that the area of ??land occupied if you want to […]

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Interior design for minimalist house

Up to now house minimalist still popular with the public. House like this could be the answer to overcome the narrow house, especially in the limited plots of land in major cities. With a house like this style, then the function space can be maximized. The house needs a touch narrow and minimalist arrangement of […]

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Bedroom Decorating for Teens

When your child grow into a teenager, the elements of furniture and accessories in the bedroom decor may feel no longer suitable, then what is all this then should be discarded and replaced with a new one? Here are some possible ways you can do to overcome it. First of all, do not throw furniture […]

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