The Minimalist

Minimalist house

Minimalist house

Display a minimalist home is very dependent variations and tastes of each occupant, the extent of minimalist (simple) is desired. All this will also determine the accessory, any supporting elements to use and mix paint colors and color properties that are present in it.

But there are some basic things that you must understand, which is the main characteristic of a minimalist. Look at the article below that will help you when you want to create a minimalist shelter that fit your character.

1. A minimalist houses tend to use minimal furniture selection, therefore, use furniture that is really important only in a room. For example in a living room, it could be just be a couch and coffee table, TV rack and one lamp.

2. Create a flat wall surface. As much as possible, avoid the use of accessories and elements that will make a room look full. Flat surface in almost every room, except for one or two elements of the decor as percantikan.

3. Decor accents, so a room is not boring, you can add accessories – percantikan accessories in a room. For example, on a coffee table to put a vase on a shelf or TV can be put family photos. In addition, the walls are bare, but is large enough, may be able to put a piece of art such as a painting or photograph.

4. Quality not quantity. A minimalist house will tend to have fewer things but is really important and is used instead of the present average stuff with functionality – similar rate.

Besides the main characteristics described above, a minimalist shelter that has a tendency selection of colors – paint the walls a contrasting color or a bright color tone. Color selection to be the next thing that you should consider to create a comfortable dwelling.

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