Things not to do when remodeling a bathroom



Bathroom remodeling takes time, careful planning, and precise execution. The purpose of the bathroom remodel is to enhance the look of your bathroom with bathroom fixtures, designs and latest styles.

Things that seem simple can be more complicated than you might think, installing new equipment and furniture such as selecting the form of a sink, a mirror so they can remain compliant with some of your old furniture, especially if your bathroom has not been renovated before.

Here are some tips on what not to do when renovating your bathroom, use the following tips to avoid common mistakes and ensure that the look of your bathroom according to the original plan the changes you want.

1. Do not underestimate the sanitation

Some people think that the bathroom remodeling is a very simple, namely that only need to replace the old furniture with new design. Actually change the shape and design of the bathroom, often have to consider the location of the installation of water pipes.

It should be ensured that new furniture chosen according to the shape of the room and sanitary installations or at least was recognized from the beginning of planning if it would require a change in sanitary installations (pipes) which is not easy. So, the first thing that should be planned is to determine the layout of your bathroom design.

If the design layout is absolutely no change, then think of the water pipelines. Size sink, mirror or new furniture is also considered, whether it is appropriate to the size and location of the bathroom space sanitation channel. No bad if to make sure everything is, you call a plumber and ask for input about your plans.

2. Do not jump to buy the furniture that you see.

One key to a successful bathroom renovation is while shopping. Do not just buy any furniture that you see when you first shopping, do comparisons with a few shops, not just a comparison of the price but also compare the design, color, style and size.

Find the most relevant to the size of your bathroom space. Today, so many accessories for bathroom furniture with various design styles, sizes and prices vary.

3. If you do not know, do not ever put yourself.

Getting furnishings accessories such as sink and a new toilet is a different experience than getting furniture accessories such as a new bed. If a new bed you buy, simply by paying more than the price then the order can be shipped to your home can even be placed in your bedroom.

But not so with bathroom furniture accessories, after you bought it even after the furniture that you buy it up at home, you still have to think about the installation of installation.

Remodeling the bathroom is almost always requires the installation of a new sanitary, and not all of it can be done alone. Pipeline installation services are now offered by many stores that sell bathroom furniture accessories. So the bathroom furniture you buy, it can be completely installed and functioning properly.

When it has a plan to renovate the bathroom, planning the layout and the detailed budget is absolutely necessary because of the failure of the installation of furnishings means the same as well with the addition of charge even for the long term, the correct installation it will extend the life of your bathroom furniture.

A good idea to create your first renovation budget, so there will be a budget in excess of budget.

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