Tiny Down Stairs Bathroom

Tiny Downstairs Bathroom

Building a house but not well planned will certainly lead to the formation of a new blank space in a house. If it had been planned, empty room just left alone so unused. One thing that often happens is in the room under the stairs. Space under the stairs usually have a small size so often the room is only used as a warehouse or not even used at all. And if this room could be put to good use will certainly be a comfortable room. For example, you can make use of blank space under the stairs to make the bathroom.

There are many advantages when you build a tiny bathroom under the stairs. The first advantage if you have a small house of course this will make your home feel quick. In addition, the stairs are usually located close to the living room would facilitate guests when using the bathroom. With so guests do not have to go into your private bath.

The following give some knowledge to make a small bathroom in the blank space under the stairs:

1. First the first measurement at the ceiling height of the basement stairs. The ideal altitude should not be less than 2.2 m. So that when a person enters the room can feel comfortable because it can stand up straight.

2. Because the roof of the room under the stairs had no parallel position or any part of the high and low parts. You can take advantage of the lower part to place a variety of toiletries such as soap, tissue and others.

3. Generally the room under the stairs has a small size, so that when air circulation is not addressed properly then the room will look crowded and humid. Therefore, try the tiny bathroom under the stairs to get air supply from outside is good. For example you can create a form vent openings include lattice. With so small animals from the outside will be blocked despite the air hole open.

4. The lighting in the bathroom is important to note, then be sure to always lighting illuminates the room. Besides lights, you can also bring the lighting of direct sun. The trick is to emit light into the sun with a glass bathroom. The presence of direct sunlight can be beneficial to mold and prevents the spread of germs.

5. Given the small size and the bathroom is located under the stairs, it is not impossible if the bathrooms are equipped with amenities such as in your private bathroom. The most important thing when designated by a bathroom, you just fill the bathroom with a toilet and sink. Since most of the guests use the bathroom only ssbatas for hand washing and defecation.

That was some tips on creating a small bathroom under the stairs. Hopefully the above article can inspire you in decorating the house.

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