Tiny Home Theater Room Design

Tiny Home Theater Room Design

Having a small room is not a problem to hinder your work designing the shelter’s pet. One is designing the home theater. Not only the large house that can be equipped with a special room home theater but could home. Instead, you can build a home theater room is which can serve as a family room as well.

Building a home theater in a small room does require precision that small room can be filled with a variety of home theater devices, but it does not look cramped. Well this time give examples of home theater design measuring 3 × 4 meters. The room has an area of 3 × 4 meter classified rooms tiny room when it is used to build a home theater. The first step that needs to be done is to seating. Selection of couch sitting is the most appropriate choice because if you use chair will make the room feel cramped.

Noting the distance between the LCD screen with the user’s eyes also need attention. Because it concerns the comfort and eye health home theater users. This generally has a distance of approximately 3 meters. Meanwhile, if you want to add accessories should concentrate these items on the wall beside the LCD screen. So that the circulation area can be relieved, and can be used for seating. Do not forget to note also silencers home theater so that the sound quality in home theater sound.

The good sound-dampening material use material that is lightweight, porous, and can not dampen vibration for example is glass wool, carpets or acoustic board. So that the room looks neat, hid electronic circuit furnishings cables through the ceiling and then hide behind the silencer.

As the final step was the lighting and coloring home theater. You can add some lights in the corner of the room so that the room look dramatic. As for the color theme you can combine the color-watna lighted. For example the combination of red with pink or orange with green accents. These colors symbolize cheerful impression on the home theater. But if you want to accentuate the impression of warm, you can apply the wood grain accents with dim yellow light.

The small room is not a hindrance to creative design pet shelter. Just takes a little creativity, the room can be turned into a beautiful room. May be useful.

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