Sometimes we feel less satisfied when seeing our dirty floor by stains are difficult to remove by means of mop as usual, would we confuse how to remove these stains.

Among the common stains embedded in the floor of the house is sebegai follows:

– Stain droplets cooking oil or lubricating oil

– Oil paint stain or paint the walls

– Wax stains

– Chewing gum stains.

Perhaps the market has a lot to offer cleaner that can remove various stains such, but of course we have to buy it at a price that may be expensive, here I am just sharing experiences I daily use of materials easy to find around the home environment in order not so the cost is too expensive. For more details, please listened to explanations one by one below.

Stain droplets cooking oil or lubricating oil

When oil is spilled from the container of oil that is quite a lot should be moved out most of the many that by using a sponge / foam by way of placing it on top of the oil that floor and wait until the oil is absorbed into the sponge and then be transferred to another container with how to express it.

After most of the oil had been transferred to another container, the next stage is to clean the oil that remains to be rubbed using a dry cloth

After that the surface of the floor is completely free of oil element then wipe with a sponge that had been given water and lemon or perhaps with dish washing detergent containing lime or lemon scent, then let the floor dry up by itself.

Stain former oil paint and paint the walls

To clean the paint stains on the floor should we have to know first the type of paint, stain When the stick is then to clean wall paint is the way :

  • Stain thick by using a plate or plates of zinc / tin thin (spatula) or with blade, after the paint layer is thick is chipped it to clean up any residual marks that still stick is rubbed using a mop damp / wet with little emphasis and to be repeated until the stain completely disappeared from the surface of the floor.
  • As for cleaning stains of oil paint is the way :
    Rub with a cloth that has been given liquid paint thinners such as by using thinners or turpentine, after cleaning is usually the smell of paint thinner still attached to the floor, to eliminate enough mopped with water mixed with dish washing liquid or a dab of soap containing lemon or lime , then let stand the smell will disappear replaced with the scent of orange or lemon.

Stain wax

Usually the wax stain on the floor when a power failure / power outage, when we bring a candle in a dark place without terrace wax dripping onto the floor and eventually hardens. To overcome this simply by scraping the wax droplets with the eye pis4u until exhausted, attention: do not ever heat / burning candles on the floor because it will make the wax thinned and widened so it will be difficult to clean / scraped.

Chewing gum stains

Stains from chewing gum stuck to the floors very annoying because it is rather difficult to clean but if you know the tricks, the actual cleaning chewing gum stains it is not difficult. to stain gum has long been easier to clean because it usually has hardened then we just pick it with kitchen rigid, afterwards to clean up the remnants of chewing gum still attached can use a cloth that has been dipped in kerosene.

To clean the chewing gum stains are still new (still soft / chewy) the first thing to do is to cool it with ice, after a cool and harden the gum is to be lifted.

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