Tips in choosing a lightweight steel roof

Lightweight steel roof

Lightweight steel roof

Lightweight steel roof has now become one of the materials that look when someone wants to build a house . Some advantages of this material is able to attract the attention of many people who at first was inclined to like the roof of wooden materials . The manufacturers also have been aware of this trend so that they feel compelled to produce them with a wide choice of quality and price .

Here are some simple tips in choosing a lightweight steel roof :

1 . In choosing any materials to where you live, the first thing you should always do is find out the credibility of the material manufacturer . The greater the more believable and the name of a manufacturer , can at least be a guarantee of better quality than the name of a manufacturer that has not been known .

2 . Feel free to always ask for full details of the size and specifications of the materials that you will choose . Especially ask for dimensions / sizes of Main Frame ( C Channel ) , the bigger / thicker C Channel , the greater the weight that can be endured . Likewise, if the smaller / thinner C Channel heavy burden it was getting smaller .

3 . Look for information about anti-rust coating thickness of material . There isĀ  standard rules apply :

a. Galvanized , a coating with zinc alone , the minimum thickness is usually 180gr/m2 anti-rust coating . If the number is greater than the quality the better the anti- rust coating .

b . Galvalum , a coating with zinc and aluminum with a minimum thickness of rust layer is 150gr/m2 . Each manufacturer has a mixed composition rules between different zinc with aluminum .

4 . In a purchase transaction , you definitely will be software to assist in the installation process . But still need to be sure , given the software has a certification from the agency / consultant experienced construction .

5 . Software alone is not enough to help , also ask the manufacturer to where you purchased the materials , whether also provide professional services for installation . Check the quality and qualifications of the fixer that too .

6 . Never hesitate to ask for advice and opinions from construction consultant or architect with experience in the installation process , to avoid mistakes .

Hopefully the above information can be useful to you in choosing a lightweight steel roof .

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