Tips on caring for Wood Fences


Is your house using wood for the walls and fence?
Homes with a wall or a wooden fence is visible ethnic, attractive and elegant, but unfortunately if the tar-wood materials expose to sunlight and rain continuously, natural color of the wood will soon turn black gray, dull and quickly obsolete.


The phenomenon of discoloration and decay is due to natural oxidation processes and activities such as the activity of the growth of fungal biodegradation of wood and wood spoilage bacteria, algae growth activities and the activities of insects like termites and wood flower wood powder.

How to care, preservation and painting walls and wooden fences

Some ways you can do to maintain and care for your wall or wooden fence, so that the colors remain bright wood, durable and weatherproof:

1. Make sure the surface was completely clean up brown wood color looks natural. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to clean dirt, residual layer of paint or black color abu2 former fungus / mildew and dirt weathered wood surfaces.

2. Apply / kuaskan antifungal solution mixture of wood (methylene bis thiocyanate) and insect repellent timber (Permethrin) on the surface of the wood before in the paint or coating. It is necessary, to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria and prevent insects such as termites or wood Teter.

3. Use wood coating materials / wood varnish or paint timber designed specifically for exterior wood finishing. coat of paint or coating is necessary to protect the wood from the oxidation process, decay and weathering.
Material selection for wood finishing and paint fences or exterior wall

Some wood exterior finishing materials of Bio Industries that we recommend for wall / fence wood:

1. Biopoliture – pure acrylic water based varnish for exterior wood. Biopoliture has water resistance and weather resistance are pretty good, recommended for exterior wall or wooden fence with tropical weather conditions as usual. Biopoliture can be easily applied by means of in-brush and in-spray and dry fast

2. Biothane – water based polyurethane wood coating (clear coat). Biothane has water resistance and weather resistance are superior. Recommended for walls or exterior wood fence with extreme weather such as building beach. Can easily be applied by brush, in-roll or in-spray and dry fast.

Similarly, some of the tips that we can say to you, may be useful and good luck.

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