Tips on Caring Kitchen Equipment


In every house there must be one room named the kitchen. In the kitchen kt can perform all activities such as cooking, washing furniture and store furniture.


And we are discussing today how or tips on caring for the kitchen equipment itself to make it look clean and neat.

1. A kitchen knife.
Having been used to cut the onion, garlic odor is usually still attached to the blade. To remove the smell of onions on the knife, use the knife to cut the potatoes several times. If the smell is still there, Bake knife on fire. So the smell of onions may be lost.

2. Boiler.
Kettle which has long been used to use, need to be cleaned because the walls crusty thereby inhibiting the heating process. Fill the kettle with water, put a little vinegar and salt, then let stand overnight. The next day the crust will come off easily.

3. The pots and pans.
Pots and pans are crusty, can be cleaned by spraying a solution of salt and vinegar. Shiny aluminum pans will return when used for cooking apple slices, tomatoes or potatoes.

4. Cutting wood.
Dull wooden cutting board can be cleaned with a sprinkle of salt, then rub with a piece of lemon or lime juice, dirt will be easily lifted.

5. Pots and pans teflon.
Storage teflon pan or pans should not be stacked. If the seal of each equipment should be stacked with a tissue that is not scratched Teflon coating.

That tips from our kitchen appliances that you look clean and neat. So you can use it to the maximum, so that your furniture is maintained clean and durable in use at any time. So, are you interested to trying the tips above?

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