Tips on choosing a color based on the influence of psychology on the interior walls of your home

red colour interior

red colour interior

You must have experienced a sense of peace and relaxed as he entered a room, or would you have felt strange and uncomfortable when entering a room.

It is difficult to explain the causes of feeling these feelings, but it could be one of the factors is the presence of a dominant paint color in the room. Color psychology can affect the human body and can create a mood and comfort when the color chosen appropriately. Color selection is also very dependent on the primary function of the room and the atmosphere is what you want to appear in the room.

Tips in choosing a color:

1. Consider the white color for excellent low-light areas so you want to display a bright atmosphere in the area.

As a neutral color, you can also add an accent of any color without worrying about clashing with other colors. For variation, you can try applying white with accents of bright colors that create an impression of a soft and easier to keep clean.

2. Avoid painting the entire wall of the room with a red interior. The color red stimulates the heart rate and breathing more quickly, the color is more suitable for use as an accent color.

3. Also consider the shades of pink for the lounge, but keep in mind that it can also cause occupants to feel lethargic and less vibrant. It also explains why in some gymkhana, locker rooms for opposing teams often are colored pink in the hope the opposing team will feel lethargic and less aggressive.

4. Choose shades of blue to create a sense of peace, calm. The choice of colors is perfect for a reading room or family room, where friends, relatives and family used to gather.

5. The green color is more psychologically induce a feeling of calm and fresh because in addition to impressive light in the eyes, the green effect is also believed to improve eyesight because it creates the essence of nature into the interior of the room.

6. As much as possible avoid painting with a dominant yellow color, although many consider it cheerful yellow color, but the color is often inflict heavy feeling in the eyes, and has a tendency psychologically to make people happy arguing. The yellow color is better in improving the level of concentration, so it may be effective in the work environment (still have to come with another color as an accent color to break up the dominance of the color yellow).

7. Brown color selection can create the impression of masculine, but avoid painting the entire wall of the room with the color brown because it can cause feelings of sadness.

8. You are interested in the color purple? No matter if you intend to use this color for the interior of the room because it will be memorable romantic, but do not let this be the dominant color in a room, we recommend that you use a lot of other colors as accents that will beautify your home.

Hopefully the above information can be useful to you, congratulations choose the color!

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