Tips on creating a stylish interior design retro 70s

70s design

70s design

Relive the 1970’s with a bright interior design style that reflects elements and dynamic lifestyle, passion and fun in the era of design that year. Bright colors are key design style in the 1970s when the era of the 1960s and more dominant with flowers and attractive patterns.

Furniture such as chairs and sofas using color – contrasting primary colors, metallic metallic element is a major component while the floral pattern is becoming obsolete. Retro style of the 1970’s bolder colors combine contrasting colors, the furniture did not have to match. This retro style is also a manifestation of the life and spirituality of young people in 1960 were principled free, so that is manifested in the home design style that seeks out the rules that existed at that time.

Carpet with floral patterns on the floor began to be removed, the beauty of parquet wood flooring re-appointed. As for the house who happened yet using parquet wood flooring, new carpet accidentally used a thicker with contrasting colors. The dining room also prefer the style of the design concept of the party making use of the dining table started to be reduced.

To re-modeled interior design style in the 1970s, prioritizing the use of plain colors and variations in material selection every furniture. Paint walls and ceiling with white furniture color while using colors that contrast with each other. For the furniture in it, the majority choose to wear of metal or plastic furniture with bright colors. One accessory that is very popular in the 1970’s was an owl. Enter owl ornaments in some detail in the room interior decoration.

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