Tips on How to Clean Ceramic or Marble Floors

Tips Cara Membersihkan Lantai Keramik atau Marmer

Tips on How to Clean Floor Ceramic or Marble. This floor our article entitled Tips on How to Take Care Or Floor Marble Floor Ceramic which is our next article. Tips on How to Take Care of Ceramic Floor Marble Or we share those of you who want Caring Floor Marble Or Ceramic to keep it clean and bright.

Tips on How to Clean Floor Ceramic or Marble. Here we distribute Tips on How to Take Care of Ceramic Floor Marble Or you can try to do to Take Care of Ceramic Floor Marble Or in your home.

  • To fill marble floor grout wait 2-3 days after installation, so that the water content in the mixture really dry so it does not arise victimization blackish brown spots on the area around the marble grout later, usually termed marble.
  • Always use a protective coating of marble from moss, patches or unwanted stains, which usually this coating can last 3 to 6 months depending on its quality.
  • Immediately clean up spills may be colored beverages such as coffee, tea, syrup, beverages Cola and the like, because if left unchecked will create a table / marble floor into a black or brown spots that will beauty and cleanliness.
  • Make a habit of using coasters when we put a hot drink on a marble table, because it will make patches white patches are round glasses.
  • To clean / mop floors use special cleaning marble are sold and never use cleaning materials that contain acids such as (Wash Ceramics) or the like, because there will make Marble / Ceramics / Granite even be patches white patches, usually spotting shaped foot , buckets, point to the spot in the form of a splash of water in large quantities due to forget to wash your feet after cleaning or cleaning the tile with former on the table sink marble / granite.

If you already are a stain on Marble / Granite Ceramic or you, then there are some common ways to remove stains spots in Marble / Ceramic or granite:

  1. First Method: Rub a lemon and a little salt carefully on the surface of the marble stained, you can see the stain disappear immediately, the stains disappear after washing table with ordinary soapy water and dry.
  2. Second way: Make a paste of baking soda and water, rub the stained marble and let stand for a few minutes, rinse with warm water, not at all times clean the stain with lacquer because it will damage the color of the original marble.
  3. Method Three: Cover marble stained with cotton that has been watered liquid H202 or bleach then sealed with plastic, in a check every two hours, but not more than one day because there will make the marble become brittle, if this does not work then it must be re-polished marble.

Thus article titled Floor Marble Floor Care Tips we share.

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