Tips on How to Paint Walls Home Alone

Tips Cara Mengecat Dinding Rumah Sendiri Dengan Mudah

Tips on How to Paint Walls Home Yourself With Ease. This wall is our article entitled Tips on How to Paint Walls Home Alone With this easy to share with you that we have a desire to paint the walls in your home yourself. Tips on How to Paint Walls Home Yourself With Ease is also our share to you who can not or do not yet know How to Paint Walls Home Alone.

Tips on How to Paint Walls Home Yourself With Ease. When he wants to paint the walls, the first thing you should consider is the selection color well. Use a color that corresponds to the function of the wall to be painted, must not according to the taste alone. In choosing a paint brand, do not also just seen from the brand and price alone. Should also note the quality of the paint.

Some other preparations that must be done before painting, are as follows:

  • Clean the entire surface of the wall of dirt and make sure the conditions are not humid.
  • Throughout the former old paint until evenly, if necessary, clean by using sandpaper.
  • Enter the rest of the nails are there to invisible in the wall surface, then cover with putty until smooth and dry.
  • Make sure you have enough paint of the same color, so that you will not be forced to use a shortage of paint and paint with different colors.

  • Close location that you want to paint from children and pets. Close also around the walls with plastic and move goods from place to be in the paint.
  • Before painting, it is good the room is cleaned of dust.
  • Keep the place to be in the paint have adequate ventilation, but if unavoidable, use a mask to cover the nose and mouth to avoid inhaling chemicals from paint evaporates.
  • Use wall putty ┬áto seal cracks and crevices in the walls, and blend until smooth with sandpaper.
  • Cover the floor with plastic or newspaper so that the floor is not stained with splashes of paint during painting.

When started painting:

  1. Cat first part of the ceiling, so that if there are splashes on the wall will not cause problems.
  2. Use a roller to paint large areas quickly, then use a brush to paint every corner of two walls meeting.
  3. If the result is still not good painting, repeat the paint again.
  4. If there are splashes of paint that fell to the floor, should be cleaned immediately with a damp cloth.
  5. Cover the paint can tightly after the finish, so that the rest of the paint from drying out.

Thus article entitled How to Paint Walls Wall Home Alone we share.

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