Tips to maximize space in your kitchen



One of the keys to maximize space in the kitchen is to think freely and should never be limited by the fact the actual size of the room. Not all of the accessories and furniture in the room really needed perhaps nearly most of the equipment, accessories can be stored in a separate box so that the room can be more spacious.

Another way is to use furniture or cabinet disassembly so additional tables and additional panels can be folded or hidden when not in use. In addition to also consider the placement of equipment on the wall of built-in or by putting it in the rack so that it can be stored when not in use and the room will look cleaner.

Walls, doors and cabinets side cabinets can be useful as a storage area. Put also hook for hanging cooking utensils. For ceiling rails can be mounted on a cabinet made for glass, by hanging. In addition to making the room more clean, it can also enhance the design of the kitchen.

Now this has many manufacturers intentionally make a kitchen set cabinet design with a built-in cupboard models and disassembly. Not only the attractive design model, the cabinet is also very helpful to maximize space in the kitchen.

Hopefully this information can be useful for you to optimize your kitchen space.

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