Very common door lock problems

With the development of our living standards, nowadays, we are more concerned about the ins and outs of trends. From clothes to gadgets all we need is happening. There is no exceptions when it comes to our security as well. If the line ‘defect free technology does not exist’ could have been taken as the base, the discussion of Very Common Door Lock Problems would be even smoother.

Common troubles

Common issues that troubles any door lock are as follows –

  • Hard to turn the door knob
  • The doors are not staying closed
  • Poor performance of deadlatch
  • Deadbolts are not extending fully
  • Master pins in lock
  • Sticking of door locks
  • Keys do not work properly
  • Deadbolts or door locks not locking
  • Car’s power door locks



Where there is a problem there must be a solution. Sometimes a little bit of time and use of common sense are saviours.

  • When the issue is about the hardship of turning the knob or the knob is hanging or sticking up simple age old remedy of using lubricants is the key.
  • While the door causing problems in staying closed then the strike plates might need an adjustment. Again lubricating the door strike can be done.
  • Poor performance of deadlatch deadbolts can be solved by pushing it back with an ice pick, credit card or even with a knife point.
  • The serious issue ‘Master pins in lock’ is mostly found primarily in newer homes, especially in single-builder communities. Rekeying is the core solution to this problem and it ensures better security to homes.
  • While discussing car power lock disasters, which is a nightmare, it would better be suggested to call the mechanic as it’s a thoroughly technical stuff to try with.


A Final Word

There are still plenty of problems and solutions but these are simple yet major everyday nuisance not that difficult to manage if they are tactfully handled. If you are in Indian then no need to worry we are always there to help you. You can discuss you problems with our experts. We are 24/7 Fort Locksmith, one of the best Fort Wayne and New haven locksmith. Serving all the services related to locksmith in Fort Wayne Indiana & surroundings.

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