Wall Building



The walls are part of the building a very important role for the construction of buildings. Wall forming building and protect the contents in terms of both construction and artistic appearance of the building. Judging from the material
used raw, walls can be distinguished:

1. Print brick / lime bricks, artificial stone is made from a mixture of several materials with a certain ratio, generally used in simple houses in the township, the land guardrail and others.

2. Celcon or hebel brick, made of silica sand. More expensive than red brick. Dimensions are generally 10 cm x 19 cm x 59 cm.

3. Partition walls, the material used is generally composed of multiplex or gypsum board sheets with a thickness of 9-12 mm.

4. Brick and concrete block, is an artificial stone made from a mixture of raw materials: sand lime tras with a certain ratio. This kind of artificial stone shaped cavities, holes created various models and variations of this model. block
concrete, artificial stone is made from a mixture of raw materials: cement sand with a certain ratio, as well as bataco, is also hollow concrete blocks.

5. Bricks (red brick), the years an upright prism (beam) with a rectangular cross section, there is also a brick with holes, these bricks are mostly used for soundproofing walls partner. The size of a brick in a variety of places and regions are not the same size caused by no uniformity of size and processing techniques. Brick sizes are generally
ranging from 22 x 10.5 x 4.8 cm to 24 x 11.5 x 5.5 cm.

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