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We have many of the design of the kitchen along with techniques to improve the quality of our kitchen. This time we will give you some ideas to make your kitchen more beautiful with tiled walls. The kitchen is usually located on the inside of the house and away from the entrance, but there is also a kitchen that is visible from the living area. Therefore, the kitchen also takes care to make it more attractive. You also will certainly feel better with a nice kitchen.

Previous may we add wallpaper, table, chair or other decorations for the kitchen. But today we will see designs that utilize kitchen colorful and unique patterns of the ceramic wall. Ceramics can be additional to change the atmosphere of your kitchen.

So, let’s look at kitchens unique and interesting following:

  • Bruce Avenue
    Beautiful kitchen with white tile wall color gleaming. The resulting texture effects make it look on.

  • Caesar Stone
    This beautiful kitchen makes us wonder what if the entire contents of the house really looks this like this. Glass mosaic tiles for the backs plash is the right choice for modern kitchen like this. The colors used also add to the luxury.
  • Condo Kitchen
    Abstract pattern kitchen wall can accentuate other furniture darker. This wall accent wall looks so natural with color similar to the rocks and sand.
  • Contemporary, Custom-Designed Kitchen
    The kitchen is clean, modern space that gives us a feel of modern contemporary vibe in the room. Glossy white cabinets and drawers with a neat arrangement. The more interesting with tiled walls with highly contrasting colors, black and white.
  • Dyna Kitchens
    Here is an example of a room where the use of white and orange brings life to this space. Backspalsh orange and white cabinets. Traditional brick pattern visible and in accordance with the color orange, so it looks natural.
  • Edwardian Flat
    A small kitchen and a minimalist, using modern furniture but keep it simple. Horizontal accent wall made as if wider and wide. Ceramic colors used are blends with the atmosphere of the room.
  • Fougeron
    Look at how light makes a big difference in making this kitchen more attractive and really charming. Stone walls give the impression of exceptional natural.
  • Hyde Park Kitchen
    Neutral colors are very beautiful and attractive. Looks white walls with a touch of gray shades.
  • Lady Fern Circle
    With so much of the furniture in this kitchen, wall accents may not be so visible. But at least everyone will see it because of its strategic position.
  • Perfect Piedmont
    When I first saw this kitchen, pendant lights will attract the attention of our eyes, and behind it is a mosaic pattern of reflective glass that will be the center of attention next.
  • Silestone
    Blue ceramic backs plash can be used for the right accessories. Looks magnificent with all white walls that surround it, closets and drawers and even the white ceiling make it more shiny.
  • Stayner Renovation
    Ceramic pieces arranged creatively. Fitted with an unusual position, looks more attractive even with simple colors.
  • Stinson Beach House
    Maybe you do not know that used for kitchen backs plash is actually cast concrete, although the colors are not like other concrete. Concrete is coupled with the color purple will look very different from the other design.
  • Victorian Update
    From a distance, it looks like a kitchen wall blue brick, and it was a brick. Almost similar to the previous design, which makes it different is the color.
  • Waveline Glass
    It is a luxury kitchen that uses modern high-quality ceramics. From the color and appearance, you can see the difference with other types of ceramics. The resulting texture look more alive, especially with the bright green color.

Thus the list of kitchen design with ceramic that makes it more beautiful and attractive. Ceramic wall comes in a variety of patterns, shapes, sizes, materials and even the installation of the manifold. You can also use a ceramic wall to another room, such as living room, bedroom or bathroom.

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