Wardrobe Function Developments



The wardrobe has been around since the beginning of the 19th century, when the house was built with a small wardrobe, usually smaller than a door in the room. In 1950, sliding door wardrobe is introduced, and a wardrobe that can be entered first appeared about a decade later. Larger wardrobe became more variable in the 1980s. The designers say larger wardrobe started in 5 to 10 years ago, and many are owned by the rich since the debut of the movie ‘Sex and the City’ in 2008, when Sarah Jessica Parker’s, Carrie Bradshaw, saw the house by walking in extensive wardrobe big enough for her shoe collection.

Formerly wardrobe is secondary chamber designed to store items, but now he is the main feature of the house. Unlike ordinary wardrobe, wardrobe now designed to be entered so it looks like a luxury lounge or a famous designer stores. Clothes and bags in the container glass screen lit up like sculpture, special couch positioned near Baccarat crystal bar or area for a breakfast.

Many architects and designers say the room is a dressing room / luxurious wardrobe because the space can be as big as a living room or family room. They also said that the cost for making that room could exceed the cost of making a luxurious kitchen. The room is designed to be comfortable to walk around with fancy wardrobe, sound system, and angles to make up that there is a sink and a small refrigerator for storage of cosmetics. In addition, developers and home builders do not just put a window in the wardrobe, they also customize the design of the house to make this dressing room get the best views and natural light.

Having luxurious wardrobe can also serve as a lounge where adults enjoy the privacy that can not be obtained from the open family room. Luxury wardrobe is also designed to function as their own, often combined with a sofa and a bench that looks like a private living room.

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