Washing and ironing areas at your home

washing and ironing area

washing and ironing area

Areas washing and ironing clothes is an additional area with important functions in occupancy . Actually, this area includes an area that must not exist .

Reasons of practicality , neatness , and cleanliness make some people agreed to give the container a more feasible for this function . Because its function is solid , no wonder this area is often a display area design standards or casual look .

What is important for the function of washing and ironing clothing are met . In other words, most people do not organize this area . In fact , this area of potential to be used as an effective storage area .

Now to open your horizons , there is a little trick that is more functional space :

1 . To be more organized shelves provide storage around the washing machine . The rack can be hung as a place for washing such as soap, toothbrushes , deodorant while storage cabinets can be used as a storage area dry cloth and other tools .

2 . Clothesline and folding models such as this paste is applied to areas of practical drying clothes in the shelter very limited extent . When will wear out and pull the pleats in a clothesline will be created instantly .

3 . Areas washing clothes does not have to be in the outdoor area . Utilizing the rest area in the space can also be used as a perfect solution . Area under the stairs is an underutilized area of ??the rest . To maximize the space that is neglected can be placed in the washing machine under the stairs and use the area next to the storage closet .

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