Window Round Beautify Family Room

circle window

circle window

Accent round the room with the dominant form box can enhance the display space. As in this library.

The library is a favorite space favorite sons and daughters. They used to gather while reading or playing. It’s good, kids activity room is located one floor with a child’s bedroom. Function? activities that children play more comfortably.

Most of the furniture in the room has a stripe pattern-haris firm that dominated many boxes. To avoid stiff and monotonous, there are some places round accent. Given these elements, the display homes become more charming and even more optimal aperture.

You can put a round window with a large glass front wall so that the house does not look stiff. The window has a diameter of 1.6 m, and 12mm on the outside of the glass measuring 2mx2m. Glass affixed to the wall using a pen.

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