Yellow colour for a bedroom? Why not



The bedroom is where we spend a third of our lives, so we have to make as comfortable as possible so that our quality of life has increased. Well, if we do things that are not common in our bedrooms, what would happen?

Yellow color which is used as a decoration for the bedroom is to say not common, especially in the psychology of color that the color yellow is bright and vibrant colors, better suited for the kitchen and dining room. But something unusual was not that taboo, of course, if you understand how to combine well.

One thing you might consider is the use of “wallpaper”, especially if you only want to apply certain patterns such as floral motif on one part of the wall. Then paint the rest of the wall with the “yellow” as a decorating accent. It can also save you a lot of money and time. Floral decorations on the walls, you can develop a “chic style” by adding accessories such as thick carpets and furniture are painted white furniture.

You also can develop the decor to be “country-style”, of course, furniture accessories painted in yellow as well, especially if you still have the old-fashioned and antique furniture. Use also other additional accessories such as blankets and yellow curtains. Let your creative work, diligent look book for interior and internet references to the style of design and lifestyle “country look”.

Yellow color which is usually only applied in the kitchen and dining room, you can now try to apply in your bedroom as part of your lifestyle. Good luck and enjoy with your family.

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