Your mower maintenance

As the end of the summer rolls around, more and more of us are getting ready to put our mowers away for the year. Gone are the days of having to mow each and every week to keep the grass in line. But before you put your mower in the shed for good, it is important to get it ready for storage.

Winterizing your mower will go a long way towards preparing it for the next summer. Emptying out all of the fluids is the first step in making sure your mower is ready for winter. Leaving gas in the tank for months can lead to build up, or even worse, water in the tank. Water in the gas tank can cause big problems for a mower. That is why it is so important to siphon all of the gas out of the mower before you put it in storage.

While it may seem like a lot of work, doing any repairs that you need now will save you from having to do them at the beginning of the season next year. By purchasing Crafstmen lawn mower parts and getting them properly equipped before you winterize, you can save yourself time and money by taking advantage of the end of season sales.

A new spark plug for your mower is inexpensive, and easy to change. Changing it out each year will help your mower to fire up each and every time.

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